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Responsible Gambling

Our team feels it is important to emphasise that as much as we love sports betting, the important thing is that the game remains a game. If a bettor is no longer happy and entertained by placing a bet and risking a certain amount of money, it may be worth considering whether it is worth taking a longer or shorter break. Moderation is extremely important and when you can no longer keep within your time or money limits and sports betting becomes too much of a part of your life, you may be dealing with an addiction.

There is no sure-fire system, no sports bettor who always wins and luck is truly blind. Many people fall into the mistake of increasing their stakes after a bad day of sports betting and chasing their losses and trying to win their money back by placing a number of wild bets. There are few things more dangerous than reckless gambling. In such cases, players lose their ability to make decisions and most of them realise too late that they have lost even more money. It’s important to know and assess your limits, and after a bad day, to step back and calmly evaluate whether you made a mistake with a particular bet or if today was just not your day. It’s important to know that the odds and multipliers offered on the sites reflect the percentage chance of the event, so if a tennis player is odds on to win the tournament by a factor of 300, he or she should be considered an underdog. Under no circumstances should we risk a large part of our capital on high odds bets that promise a dream win.

It is vital that we are always in control and that sports betting, or any other form of gambling, does not take control of our lives. Many gambling addicts get their jobs, friends and families hooked on this innocent hobby. In extreme cases, gamblers may become depressed and even steal to be able to make their next bet. Fortunately, most sports betting sites have a self-limiting feature where you can set limits for yourself, both on how many dollars you can risk in a day and on the maximum potential loss the site will allow you. We can even go so far as to have our registration cancelled for a period of time, or even permanently, if our previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

How can we avoid extreme events like the above example? It is important not to spend more money on gambling than we can actually afford. Many experts are of the opinion that if we feel emotional pain at losing a certain amount of money, we cannot afford to lose that amount. In such cases, it is worth switching to lower stakes. It is important that the game is always fun and should be seen as a leisure activity, like going to a concert with friends. For many people, the right way to self-limit is to decide in advance how many dollars and how many hours they will spend on sports betting in a given week. If we can keep to the limits we set ourselves and if sports betting does not come at the expense of other financial spending and time with loved ones, we will enjoy the game much more.

It is also important that we never play to solve some other problem. This could be a debt that we want to get out of by stacking high multiplier tickets, or an emotional problem that leads us to resort to gambling. We should never forget that if we don’t invest the right amount of energy in research before placing a bet, we are likely to make a bet that is ill-considered and very rarely the right side of the match.

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